12 Jun, 23

Do You Need A Tax Consultant Or An Appraiser?

HadcoBusiness Valuation

As a Business owner, investor, purchaser, seller, insurance company, shareholder, bond council, which ever title you are carrying or project you are working on, you may find yourself needing to contact an expert in a field to assist your business valuation needs.

Which expert do you need?  Do you need to hire an appraiser or a tax consultant because you’d like to protest property taxes?  Would an appraiser be more beneficial to assess values on the asset you need to pay taxes on?

Hadco International can consult and guide you through any situation you may have.  We are the leading worldwide experts in Appraisal and Consulting matters specializing in Machinery and Equipment appraisals including valuing oil and gas reserves.  We have been in business for over 40 years and have the experience that comes with it.  

There are certain situations a Tax Consultant can benefit your business, and other times when you need an Expert Appraiser. 

Tax Consultant can be considered a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Tax Attorney, Enrolled Agent, and even a Financial Advisor.  A Tax Consultant can assist with managing tax deductions and liabilities, tax planning matters, inheritance tax issues, charitable donations, ensure you are in compliance with tax laws, among other complex tax needs. Tax Consultants usually have more experience than standard tax preparers in tax law and accounting principles. A tax professional can amend any filed tax returns on your behalf and reduce your risk for an audit.  

There are also situations where an appraiser will be utilized and even hired by Tax Consultants to assist their client’s needs.  So, it is wise to know which expert to call and when. 

Appraisals are necessary when you need to establish an items value.  Any instance in which buying, selling, transferring ownership of any type of asset, you should obtain an appraisal.  This can fall under single item transactions, whole company acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, divorce, setting depreciation tables for assets, or any matter where the value of an asset needs to be determined. Once values are determined, you can then begin negotiations with confidence. 

Property Tax

Property Tax matters are not limited to houses, when you are seeking the value of your assets including machinery and equipment for property tax, an appraiser can provide detailed values to assist you in your property tax protest with your local Appraisal District. Call Hadco International for a free consultation.  

Financing and Lending

Banks can and will require an equipment appraisal in most cases to underwrite and approve a loan, especially when acquiring a business or a business interest. The appraiser will provide the bank with appraised values which will in turn support the assessed loan amount.

Insurance Purposes

Closely held privately owned businesses will often seek a certified equipment appraisal to determine a value to cover their equipment in case of a sudden loss due to fire, theft, or damage. Many insurance companies require a current asset valuation to place the policy.  Insurance Companies may also seek out an appraisal for damage loss claims. This occurs when Insurance proceeds and benefit proceeds need to be paid out from a policy as a result of a claim filed. Insurance proceeds are then paid out once a claim has been proven, and they financially settle the insured policy holder for the loss that is covered under the current policy.

Divorce Cases

When in a divorce situation, an appraisal may be ideal to assist in dividing the legitimate marital assets equally. In some cases, both parties may seek to obtain separate appraisals.  Appraisals are necessary whether you need an assessed value for high quality items, whole businesses, or specific items that may be in question.

Shareholders and Partnership Disputes

Appraisals can assist in settling ownership matters such as disagreements between owners or conflicts between partners; they can also be helpful when establishing value to buyout an individual from the firm.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Hadco International has been requested to provide expert witness testimony in hundreds of cases involving machinery and equipment, cement plants, marine assets, oil and gas assets and transportation assets to mention a few.

Regardless of your situation, contact Hadco International for a free consult so we can advise you on how to best execute your mission with success. Your business and its valuation needs are our highest priority and will be available to discuss your most important matters.  We will work hard on your behalf and manage your situations just as we would our own.