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Appraisal Process

The Hadco appraisal process is a meticulously structured procedure designed to ensure that each appraisal produced meets the highest quality standards. This pillar page will provide an in-depth understanding of Hadco’s commitment to professionalism, adherence to ethical codes, and utilization of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice set forth by The Appraisal Foundation.

Hadco Appraisal Process:

  1. Client Request / Inquiry: The appraisal process at Hadco commences when a client submits a request or inquiry for an appraisal service. This initial step is crucial as it sets the foundation for the entire process. The client’s requirements and needs are carefully reviewed to ensure that Hadco can deliver a comprehensive appraisal solution.

  2. Define the Assignment: After receiving the client’s request, Hadco works closely with the client to define the scope and objectives of the appraisal assignment. Clear and well-defined goals are established to ensure that the appraisal meets the specific needs of the client.

  3. Hadco Review & Quotation: Once the assignment is clearly defined, Hadco reviews the requirements and assesses the resources and expertise needed for the appraisal. Based on this evaluation, a detailed quotation is provided to the client, outlining the estimated timeline and associated costs.

  4. Acceptance & Schedule: Upon receiving the quotation, the client reviews the terms and conditions outlined by Hadco. If the client accepts the proposal, the appraisal project is scheduled based on mutual availability and agreed timelines.

  5. Gather Data & Information: With the assignment accepted and scheduled, Hadco initiates the data collection process. Relevant data and information pertaining to the property or subject being appraised are gathered from various sources.

  6. On-Site Inspection & Opinion: For a comprehensive appraisal, Hadco conducts an on-site inspection of the property or subject under evaluation. Experienced appraisers visit the location to gain first-hand insights and observations, which further contribute to the accuracy of the appraisal.

  7. Data Input and Collection: Following the on-site inspection, all gathered data and information are meticulously organized and inputted into Hadco’s appraisal system. This ensures that the data is readily available for analysis and correlation in later stages.

  8. Market Research & Analysis: Hadco’s team of experts performs extensive market research and analysis to assess the current market conditions and trends. This step is critical in determining the property’s value and its position in the market.

  9. Correlation & Testing: In this phase, the gathered data and market analysis are correlated and tested against established appraisal methodologies. The information is cross-referenced to ensure accuracy and reliability in the final appraisal report.

  10. Conclusion & Write Up: After careful analysis and correlation, Hadco reaches a conclusion regarding the property’s value or the subject being appraised. The appraisal report is meticulously prepared, providing clear and concise insights into the appraisal process and its results.

  11. Review & Approvals: The completed appraisal report undergoes a thorough internal review process at Hadco to ensure compliance with established standards and guidelines. Appropriate approvals are obtained before proceeding to the next step.

  12. Production & Assembly: With the appraisal report reviewed and approved, it undergoes final production and assembly. The report is compiled, ensuring that all relevant information and supporting data are included.

  13. Final Approvals: The assembled appraisal report is once again subjected to rigorous quality checks. Only after meeting Hadco’s stringent quality standards and accuracy benchmarks does the report receive its final approval.

  14. Shipping & Delivery: Upon final approval, the appraisal report is prepared for delivery to the client. Hadco ensures that the report is securely packaged and promptly delivered to the client.

  15. Follow up with Client: Even after the delivery of the appraisal report, Hadco maintains communication with the client to address any additional inquiries or concerns. Follow-up services ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the appraisal process and results.


Hadco’s appraisal process exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality and accurate appraisals. By adhering to a structured and systematic approach, Hadco ensures that each appraisal meets the industry’s best practices and the expectations of its clients. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery, the process is characterized by professionalism, meticulousness, and unparalleled attention to detail.

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Appraisal Process