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Appraisal Process

The Hadco appraisal process is a structured process to assure each and every appraisal produced by Hadco meets high quality standards. The standards are those established by Hadco, those of professional societies, those established by governmental agencies and those clients have come to expect from Hadco.

Hadco subscribes to the code of ethics of professional appraisers and governs itself according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as set forth by The Appraisal Foundation.

The Hadco appraisal process is the same on each appraisal regardless of the size of the assignment. Utilizing the structured process insures accuracy and consistency. The amount of time required may be as little as one or two days for smaller projects but may involve several weeks for the larger, more complex projects. The amount of time required is the basis of quotations and client costs.

Regardless of size, each and every appraisal receives equal attention, and every client receives the same courteous professional consideration.

  1. Client Request / Inquiry
  2. Define the Assignment
  3. Hadco Review & Quotation
  4. Acceptance & Schedule
  5. Gather Data & Information
  6. On-Site Inspection & Opinion
  7. Data Input and Collection
  8. Market Research & Analysis
  9. Correlation & Testing
  10. Conclusion & Write Up
  11. Review & Approvals
  12. Production & Assembly
  13. Final Approvals
  14. Shipping & Delivery
  15. Follow up with Client

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Appraisal Process