Machinery and Equipment Brokerage Services

Responding to increased customer demand, Hadco International is pleased to offer an additional service to our clients. HADCO INTERNATIONAL OILFIELD & EQUIPMENT BROKERAGE, LLC is a personalized equipment brokerage firm, providing our clients with solutions to their oilfield machinery and equipment concerns; from underutilized equipment assets to new acquisitions.

Professional private asset liquidation by experienced professionals with many years of industry experience, Hadco has the ability to effectively market your assets, qualify potential buyers, and upon closing, manage the logistics of asset transportation. Hadco offers personal and custom tailored services and undivided attention to detail to meet the goals of our clients.

Strategic marketing strategies to minimize cost pressures and implications. As a buyer or as a seller, our approach is to analyze each situation and help our client determine the best course of action for your specific business venture.

Over the past three decades, Hadco has cultivated many relationships with trusted industry professionals, which enables us to bring buyers together for a successful outcome.

The process starts with the introduction of a seller to a qualified buyer. The process, which will be managed professionally, with the successful matching of buyers and sellers who otherwise may have never met. Our clients’ satisfaction with a successful transaction is our common goal.

Improve your market position by streamlining the useful assets and liquidating any underutilized assets. Hadco offers a quality service that results in the successful sale or purchase for every business opportunity.

Please contact us directly to discuss brokering any equipment assets.

Hadco International’s goal is to bring each client the highest level of customer service and become a valuable asset to your business while developing lasting relationships. Our staff strives for direct contact and efficiency to focus on providing immediate results. Regardless of location, domestic or international, you can count on us to deliver the most professional and highest quality service in the industry.